Critique My Workout? Ectomorph

  1. Critique My Workout? Ectomorph

    Hey guys, getting into working out again, tired of being skinny.

    Some info on myself - I'm 6'4", 168.4 lbs, wide shoulders, narrow hips, typical build. I was 158 lbs two weeks ago, I have been eating like a savage and training hard and am seeing results. Just wanna know what you guys think of my workout.

    I go with friends and they don't like doing chest/tris on the same day so that's why it's chest/bis.

    Monday: Chest and Biceps
    BB Bench - 4 sets/6-8 reps
    Incline DB Bench - 4 sets/6-8 reps
    DB Flys - 3 sets/10 reps
    Chest Burnout with bench
    Standing BB curl - 4 sets/6-8 reps
    Seated DB curl - 2 sets/8-10 reps
    Concentration curl - 2 sets/8-10 reps

    Tuesday: Shoulders and Triceps
    Dips - 2 sets/8-10 reps
    Seated DB press - 3 sets/8-10 reps
    Seated BB press - 3 sets/8-10 reps
    DB lateral raise - 3 sets/8-10 reps
    DB shrugs - 4 sets/8-10 reps
    Tricep rope pulldown - 3 sets/8-10 reps
    French press - 2 sets/8-10 reps

    Thursday: Back

    Wide-grip pull ups - To failure
    Seated row - 4 sets/8-10 reps
    Bent over BB row - 4 sets/6-8 reps
    Lat pulldowns - 3 sets/8-10 reps
    Dead Lifts - Don't really have a rep range set here or set...usually do 5 sets, 15 reps? What should we do?

    Friday: Legs
    Squats - 5 sets/8-10 reps
    Hack squats - 3 sets/8-10 reps
    45 degree Leg Press - 3 sets/8-10 reps
    Leg curl machine - 3 sets/8-10 reps

    Abs are incorporated into one/two of the days whichever we feel like.

    My friends and I all follow the same workout routine. Any advice on what needs to be changed or what we can do to better our workout?

    Me: 168.4 lbs, 6'4"
    Friend 1: 170 lbs, 5'11"
    Friend 2: 140 lbs 5'8"

  2. Well, what about a more proven program that hits the big muscles with the heavy compound exercises a few2/3 times per week?

  3. agree w paul, i'd cut half that crap out. how long have you been training?

    i'm thinking starting strength for 6 months or so then transition to 531 or cube.

    and 10 lbs in two weeks is too much to fast. you're going to need to dial it in a little better...

  4. I mean your workouts alright. But if you want serious gains you should hit a Push/Pull/Legs split! You hit like chest shoulders tris on push day, back and biceps on pull day, and of course like quads calves and hams on leg day. It's a 3 day on 1 day off split and then you repeat. You actually train each muscle group twice a week! Try it out

  5. another vote for a proven program.

    ohh, and im a pisces and i use that to decide my workouts too. ohh wait. no i dont. an ectomorph is only someone that is not efficient at storing bodyfat and hasnt lifted hard enough, nor eating hard enough. the whole idea of ecto, meso, pisces, capricorn, etc is to appease the mob mentality and now a days to sell magazines. its a load of crap. we are all homo sapiens, therefore we have the same anatomy, therefore we have the same physiology, therefore the mechanisms behind exercise and adaptation are the same.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  6. I'd get rid of most of the direct arm work in favor of chin ups and dips and standing overhead presses. That will hit your arms and build mass. Worked for me

  7. Agree with everyone else. Proven program is a must. PHAT, 5/3/1, 5x5, Cube, WSB4SB.
    That or a upper/lower split.
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  8. check ur macros. ur diets got to be way off. get ur carbs extremely high 400-600mg a day. drop the fat. and get tones of protien. kick the calls up to 3k

    any routine u do will only make u lose weight if ur under cals.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by murk01 View Post
    check ur macros. ur diets got to be way off. get ur carbs extremely high 400-600mg a day. drop the fat. and get tones of protien. kick the calls up to 3k

    any routine u do will only make u lose weight if ur under cals.
    Basicly this^....

    without enough calories you won't be able to grow and recover.

    At this point it really doesn't matter what kind of split you're going to grow anyway if you eat enough.

    Personally I would go for more compound movements, and combine chest with shoulders and triceps, back with biceps.

    If you do your split as it is, I would keep a restday between your chest work out and the shoulder tricep work out.

    Train hard, till or past failure and grow!!!!

    Good luck bro.

  10. Hi guys thanks for the advice. That 5x5 method seems interesting, as does WSFSB. Cube seems interesting as well - is that only bench, DL, squat?? Which of the 3 do you guys prefer, or have had best results doing?

    My diet is not bad, I'm not sure where I said that? I am tracking my macros and am bringing in 3200+ cals a day, 350-450 carbs, and around 170-200g of protein. My weight is actually 166.

    The 168.4 was water weight...must've been, cause today I'm 166.6. Which is still fairly better than my 158 previously. The reason I gained weight so fast is because the only meal I usually ever ate before starting training was dinner - maybe 1000 cals a day, if that. Now I'm eating breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack and 2 protein shakes a day. So of course I'm going to start gaining like crazy.

  11. I started at same weight as you @ 6'2". Start with 5x5 strong lifts or starting strength or one of the plans similar to these. bench, squat, deadlift, overhead press, rows, and pullups are your friends. add a little bicep/tricep work in higher rep ranges and youre g2g. Try 5/3/1 or something else later after you stop making gains maybe 6 months or 1 year everyone is different. 5/3/1 is based on % of 1rm. When you first start you don't know the movement patterns and your 1rm will go up quickly just by learning the technique so it would be hard to setup a meaningful program based on %. Start with less weight and learn how to do the lifts correctly. Tons of info here - check the sticky threads at the top of the powerlifting/strongman sub forum. Consistency, correct technique, and avoiding injury are paramount. Sounds like you already get the food angle. Nothin happens without the right amount and kind of fuel. Get after it and learn what works for you.

  12. bw can fluctuate 2-3 lbs pretty easily. follow the pattern not the daily number. Weigh yourself when you wake up before you eat or do anything.


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