training for hypertrophy (size)

  1. training for hypertrophy (size)

    This is not another noob thread i'm 5'7" 190 bench 325, Squat 345 (low from injury), deadlift 390
    I did madcow 5x5 routine through winter until stalling for 3 weeks (22 weeks in) and decided to try something more mass/size oriented and went with the GST program, so far i'm not impressed (9th week in) and am looking for another routine that focuses on size gains.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. Layne Norton's PHAT.
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  3. thanks i was reading about that when you replied.... do you have a link to the actual routine?

  4. Hey jayrad. You should check out Mountain Dog training as well. I can send you some info if interested.
    PEScience Representative

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