sacrum/very lower back pain?

  1. sacrum/very lower back pain?

    ive just finished my 3rd cycle of 5/3/1 enjoying it very much, but after i woke up the morning for my squats with a very tight lower back. didn't do any kind of squat, deadlift, or lower back exercise the day before either. I had had that kind of pain waking up before but it kind of just goes away after warming up for my squats but this time it stayed and was very painful. i usually do a low bar squat and used to have a bit of a butt wink but fixed it weeks ago. But during my last set of 305 i had to like turn it in to a highbar squat because my sacral area couldn't handle it while the rest of my body easily could if that makes sense? I have zero pain through out my entire back muscles except for very low down right above my butt. Hit deadlifts today and exact thing, last week i got 9 on 295 today 305 2 times because it hurt too bad and i know my form is good but idk what it could be from. either way this next week is my deload week thank god, i can do glute ham raises without pain at all but then doing a light good morning i can feel the pain again? tried to describe the pain if anyone has any advice or anything i would greatly appreciate it. i wanna say it is more of a muscle pain cause i can feel it on the left side more.

  2. i do not wear a belt either, never have.

  3. Have your pelvis checked out to ensure that everything is fine. Also see if your sensation has been altered at all.
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  4. Hi there,

    I have the exact same problem. It doesn't bother me very much apart from when I sit crooked, lie in bed sideways or do a hip hinge- a bodyweight good morning. It's a somewhat sharp pain. I got it after not warming up adequately for hip thrusts.

    Since it's been two months for you OP, how has the rehab been?


    EDIT: Just used a tennis ball on my hamstrings for a few minutes each side, did 10 bw good mornings, reasonably painless.

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