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    For the last 8 months I have been doing a low rep routine with the emphasis on strength. I've done a 5x5, 4x6 and a 5x5. The 4x6 was pyramiding weight and the 5x5’s were the typical method.

    Squats 285x2
    Dead 425x1
    Bench 285x1

    New training route, I’m doing a less traditional routine this one is a 4x10, similar to the 5x5 with the same weights, but I will be increasing the weight every week regardless. I want the volume, I’ve lost quite a bit of weight with a good clean diet and the low rep training, so now I’m going to double my volume decrease the weight significantly at first and ramp up from there. I respond very well to high volume so my routines may seem a bit loaded. Training breakdown is as follows:

    Decreasing Rep ranges as training passes so my ranges are in 4 week break downs
    4x10, 4x8, 4x5\6 4x3 and 4x1, max day.

    Monday - Back: Dead's, Assisted Pull Ups, Bent over Rows, seated rows and Reverse flies 4x10. Calves 3x12, Bi’s Standing Curls 10,8,6,4,2 pyramiding weight, Preacher\Hammer 10,8,6,4,2 pyramiding weight. Cardio

    Tuesday – Chest: Bench, Incline, Seated Flies, Decline, Low cable flies 4x10. Calves: 3x12 Tri’s: Dips 10,8,6,4,2 pyramiding weight, Extensions\Narrow Grip Bench 10,8,6,4,2 pyramiding weight. Cardio

    Wednesday – Legs: J Squats, Leg Press, SLDL, Hack Squat, Curls and Extensions 4x10

    Thursday – Shoulders: BN Mil Press, Shrugs, Seated lat raise, standing Arnold raise, Up right Row, Seated Press 4x10 Calves 3x12 Work

    Friday – Off\Work

    Saturday – Arms: Standing Curls, Narrow grip, Preacher Curl, Extensions, Hammers, Dips, Concentration, Skulls 4x10. Calves 3x12, Cardio. Work

  2. Yesterday was Leg day

    Squats 135x10x10x10 165x10
    Leg Press 10 plates 10x10x10x10
    Calves Raise 10 plates 10x10x10x10
    SLDL 135lb 10x10x10x10
    Hack squats 2 plates and a 25 10x10x10x10
    Extensions 150lbs 10x10x10x10
    Curls 140lbs 10x10x10x10

    This is the biggest leg day Ive had in a while, walked out and driving home was fun, driving manual with little quad movement challenging.
    Legs fell great today walking isn't as fatigued as I was thinking, weight was down compared to previous days so its the volume I was reacting to. Cant wait to see what happens once the weight becomes more challenging.

  3. Shoulders

    BN Mil Pr. 135x10x10x10x10
    Shrug 275x10x10x10x10 Unassisted
    Seated Lat. Raise 130x10x10x10 120x10
    Arnold Raise 60x10x10x10x10
    Upright Rows 95x10x10x10x10
    Seated Shoulder Pr. 120x10x10x10x10

    This whole work out took less than an hour, 30 secs between sets one min between exercises. I was spent. Plus my gym doesn’t turn on AC past 4 pm, so it was 75 degrees at almost 100% humidity. When I start my course later this year, this will be great for controlling bloat.

  4. Saturday: Arms

    Standing Curl 95 x10x10x10x10
    Narrow Grip 135 x10x10x10x10 (way to light)
    Preacher 60 x10x10x10x10
    Dips BW minus 108lbs x10x10x10x10
    Hammers 40 x10x10x10x10
    Skulls 85 x10x10x10x10
    Concentration 20 x10 25 x10x10x10

    I can’t remember the last Tri exercise I did, work is killing me, 60 hours plus the gym leaves little time for everything else. Extremely tired today, back work out might have to wait till tomorrow.

  5. Work has been killing me, back to back 4 hour sleep nights have killed my training drive

    Chest on Thursday

    flat 165 x10x10x10x10 pumps are crazy
    incline 155x10x10x10x10
    seated fly 145 x10x10x10x10
    decline 155 x10x10x10x10 pumps getting painful here actually had to pause and rest
    cable Fly 30 x10x10x10x10
    forward dips 20x10 19x8 18x6 17x4 16x3
    ext 130 x10 140x8 150x6 160x4 170x4 till Death

    One of the most intense pumps I've had ever and I'm not using a Pre-Workout.

  6. Nice training but why did u switch to 4x10 instead of the 5x5s low lifting are u going for more hypertrophy

  7. Quote Originally Posted by jo1054 View Post
    Nice training but why did u switch to 4x10 instead of the 5x5s low lifting are u going for more hypertrophy
    That's exactly it, I had focused on Strength for a while and now I want to get back into Hypertrophy, after 8 weeks I will be back at the strength weights, but the pump im getting as well bringing my body to almost complete failure is well worth it, Ive added mass quite well and it will continue.

    This is also a method to solidify my form, my dead's and squats had some flaws so im taking the time to iron out some of my major kinks. I also changed my elbow position when benching so im kind of starting from scratch.

    Leg Friday
    Squats - 165 x10x10x10x10
    Leg P. 10 plates 2 25's x10x10x10x10
    S.L. Dead's 155 x10x10x10x10
    Hack 2 plates 35 each x10x10x10x10

    Had to cut short leg day, had to work and needed enough time to stretch eat and shower.

  8. Arms Sat

    Standing Curls 95 x10x10x10x10
    Narrow Grip 155 x10x10x10x10
    Preacher 60 x10x10x10x10
    Dips BW-96 x10x10x10x10
    Hammers 35 x10x10x10x10 each
    Skulls 95 x10x10x10x10
    Concentration 25 x10x10x10x10

    Had a Pre-Work out which I normally don't use, made this session easy, felt like I had a 2nd pair of Arms.
    Appetite was unstoppable I had to stay in my room so I wouldn't see any food.

  9. Monday Back:

    Dead's 245 x10x10x10x10, legs and forearms hurt way worse then back.
    Pull Ups BW-112 x10x10x5x5x8x4 Failed on the middle sets, took a longer break and tweaked form (spread hands wider) seemed to do the trick.
    B.O. Rows 95 x10x10x10x10 Way to easy, will increase more dramatically then other exercises next week
    Seated Close Gr. Row 150 x10x10x10x10 great stretch held bottom and the top real tight.
    reverse flies 35 x10x10x10x10
    Curls 45 x10x10 Warm up, 65x10 85x8 105x6 125x4 135x2
    Preacher 60x10 70x8 80x6 90x4 100 x2A

  10. I like your leg day routine. Loos like a good routine and I can imagine the drive home after. The arm days looks crazy. How does your body recover from that... how long does it take before you are past the fatigue?

  11. Tuesday - Chest:
    Bench 170 x10x10x10x10
    Incline 160 x10x10x8Fx2x6Fx4 Failed twice, I tried adding a pause at the bottom of the lift, ruined me.
    Flies 152.5 x10x10x10x10
    Decline 160 x9x1x10x6Fx4x5x4x1, Decline isn’t my favorite exercise, chest was pretty fatigued after incline think it played a roll.
    Cable raises 35 x10x10x10x10 – More of a pump exercise not very heavy but it’s a chest killer.
    Dip: 20x10 19x8 18x6 17x4 16x2 - Easy will need to increase next week
    Ext: 130x10 140x8 150x6 160x4 170x2 - Also Easy.

    AT this point I’m seeing dramatic arm size and strength increases. Not to mention I'm burning body fat much better than I was before also muscles feel way denser; Legs tomorrow.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Nooshefx View Post
    I like your leg day routine. Loos like a good routine and I can imagine the drive home after. The arm days looks crazy. How does your body recover from that... how long does it take before you are past the fatigue?
    I have a day off before and after Arms. I can definitely feel the arms being still a little fatigued during back day, Which I don't mind since it makes the back work just that much harder. I'm still young only 30 so my recovery is still pretty good. Piecing together a cycle once I get back into the strength portion of my new routine in about 6 weeks.

  13. Wed - Legs:
    Squat: 170 x10x10x10x10
    Made a rookie mistake, didn't count my plates. Should of done a 4x10 with 12 plates only had 11.
    Leg Press 11 Pl 4 x10x10x10x10
    Hack (switched routine to go easier on hams) 6 pl 4 x10x10x10x10
    SLDL 160lbs 4 x10x10x10x10 (destroyed shins)
    ext 157 4 x10x10x10x10
    curls 130 x10 110x10x10x8x2 Legs wouldn't bend afterward had to sit and stretch to drive home

    They were many more people doing legs then I was expecting, so i had to wait for machine which made my workout 20 min longer!!!! which means my output wasn't as amazing. Anyway Shoulders today.


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