Need a bigger back(lats)!!

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  1. Oh man this is horrible, sorry to hear this. But like everyone else is saying be patient and heal. Even if you lose a lot of your gains don't sweat it. They will come back really fast. Hope you have a fast and really positive recovery. Keep us updated, and maybe start a thread asking about a good therapist in your area. Nows the time to plan for the future, so you can get back to pushin iron fast.
    Bigcountry's Getting a little smaller: Epi/Stano Log

  2. Well it looks like I can lift again, praise The Lord and pass the ammunition, I've been cleared by both the doctor and physical therapist. Can't wait to start my new program I've been studying new lift and techniques, nutrition and supplements, thanks for the support and information, Happy Lifting!

  3. Speedy recovery, man. Getting injured isn't fun.
    Go hard. Go heavy. Never stop.


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