Forearm pain

  1. Forearm pain

    Whenever I curl mostly with a straight bar and I release my grip I get this pain next to my bone and not sure if it could be tendinitis or what. Does anyone know for sure what it could be and if so some way to cure it

  2. Maybe you holding the bar to tight. Try holds it looser and keep wrist straight without twisting it. Also don't go to wide, go shoulder width. Hope that helps. If not i suggest getting it checked up or taking a few days off.
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  3. Does the pain go away shortly after, or if you shake you forearms/hands out some?
    I think I have had this kind of stuff over the years, or when I was perhaps starting out. In fact I think I have experienced quite a few things/pains over the years.
    Why not use a more grip friendly curl bar or use DB's for awhile so your arms are not completely supinated, then come back and try a straight bar later on?

  4. I have experienced this at different times in my training. Although I never found the root of the problem, I can offer suggestions that helped me.

    First, as stated earlier, don't grip the bar with a death grip and make sure your wrist is straight. Make sure the bar is not too far out (fingers) or in (palm).

    Try to throw in some exercises using the narrower grip on the EZ bar.

    After finishing your set, rest the bar on supports. SLOWLY release your grip one finger at a time, starting with your pinky. This completely eliminated the sharp radiating pains for me.

    Maybe someone can get in here with more technical details as to WHY this is happening. But these things have worked well for me in the past.

  5. i had that too and it took 2 months to dissapear



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