Mix of bodyweight and regular weights... can this work??

  1. Mix of bodyweight and regular weights... can this work??

    Can this work?

    Monday Wednesday Friday

    Running 2 miles @ 8 min pace
    Pushups 5 sets of 25
    Situps 5 sets of 25
    Pullups 3 sets of 3
    Dips 5 sets of 10

    Then on Tuesday Thursday Saturday

    Squat 3x10
    Db lunge 3x10
    Rdl 3x12
    Db chest press 3x12
    Db incline 3x12
    Lat pull down 3x12
    Seated row 3x12
    Db curl 3x12
    Db front raise 3x12

  2. so you want to do a full body workout 5 days a week? it can work if you eat enough, sleep enough, and have the intensity low enough.

    i have a question. will this workout allow you to reach your goals in an efficient manner?
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  3. I would split your weight lifting one into a push day, pull day, or leg day. Instead of the same exercises every other day.

  4. WS4SB - 4 day template
    GPP (BW work) - 2 days a week.

    This would be much more effective IME.

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