for those of you who have back issues and still want to do deads

  1. for those of you who have back issues and still want to do deads

    try sumo deads. did these today and it takes almost all the pressure off the lower back and goes to the legs (at least for me). i found this video beneficial

    Sumo deadlifting tutorial with Ben Rice Universal Nutrition Athlete - YouTube
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  2. Been thinking of trying sumos. I feel my deadlift is almost good, but not quite there. I still feel slight strain on my back, not a lot, but just a tiny bit. What are the pros and cons to both? Plus my knees always hit my arms on the standard deadlift, my arms will brush against my knees making my knees go in alittle, which of course is bad. I tried putting my feet closer together and if I do that I can't preform the lift and if I move my arms farther out it feels awkward like it's putting my wrists in a bad position.

  3. for me, sumo deads is almost like a squat. all the pressure is on my legs. on a normal dead (again, for me), it kills my back. Ill wake up in the middle of the night with my back killing me. i had to find something different and this works for me
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  4. Sumos are a great change , i agree it is more of a squat. What i like is deads sumo really help me hindge my hips. Which is awesome once you learnhow to do it. I then take that learned movement into standard deads. I like to do sumo deads for reps 3-5 at about 80% of my 3rm for 2 weeks and on the third max on standard deads. It seems to help.

  5. yeah i think im gonna stick with straight leg deads for that lower back work and sumo deads. i really dont want to go back to regular deads. kills my back and not in a good way
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