differences in forums

  1. differences in forums

    it does not cease to amaze me the difference in attitudes on various open forums.

    on here people show lots of respect to each other, and there are some amazingly smart and educated people. i go to other forums and there may be some strong and/or highly experienced and educated people yet it seems more about flame wars and bragging rights and majoring in the minors.

    on here i feel welcome and even respected. the rep power rating and total posts is great on here and i think solves an issue of who to listen to that i see on many forums. i have been to other defunct forums and felt the same way on here and one i felt i was very well respected. which probably helps to fuel my forums addiction.

    i was on another one today that frequent but hardly post. usually just read the great info and leave the threads with the flame wars. i posted something yesterday and called a known troll and was told to just be ignored. i was kind of shocked. how does one agree with most posts from forums regs, hardly posts anything but supportive info about what the regs post and be called a troll? then i thought that was just stupid. its a forum for christs sake and i just got a a good chuckle out of it then.

    it does just make me appreciate this forum even more. so the people that make this happen, thanks. the people that frequent this forum that post great supportive info, thanks to you too. i know admins can make or break a forum, but its the people that make it feel fun, welcome, and worth the time to stay.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  2. Ha! I couldn't agree more!!!

    When I was looking for info I almost said screw it and them. Then I found this site and life has been great

  3. Definitely a huge difference in members, this is by far the superior forum. That's for sure.

  4. negged

  5. This is one of the better message boards I have used, reguardless of subject matter.

  6. I agree completely!

  7. I couldn't agree with you more! AM is the only forum I even spend any of my time at anymore. I just value the opinions of the members here much more and tend to feel they are better educated and truly want to help one another.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by napalm View Post
    don't tempt me to neg you

    What keeps AM the way it is really is the admin staff, and some of the long term members and mods. most other forums trouble is caught slowly if ever, rules of conduct are light and unevenly enforced, and the reputation system gets abused. Here trouble is caught fast, the rules are pretty open but are strongly and fairly enforced, and the reputation system gets reset whenever it gets out of hand.

  9. Well said Asooneyeonig, well said indeed...


  10. Sometimes sarcasm doesn't travel well. This was one of those incidents...

  11. Quote Originally Posted by napalm
    Sometimes sarcasm doesn't travel well. This was one of those incidents...
    Lol! It's very hard to "read" sarcasm bud... Not your fault...



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