How do my workouts look?

  1. How do my workouts look?

    I was thinking of starting these in about two weeks.

    Monday: high weight low reps fast twitch
    Flat Bench MM2K
    barbell row 5x5
    Incline db 3x8
    sitting row 5x5
    Lat pull down 5x5


    Squat 3x5
    Hip flexor machine
    Dead Lift 3x5
    Barbell Lunges 3x5

    Hammer curl 2x8, 2x12
    Single arm preacher curl 2x8, 2x12
    Single arm skull crusher 2z8, 2x12
    Front and side lat raises 3x12
    Cuban presses 3x12
    double rope bicep curl 2x8 2x12
    double triceps pull over head 2x8 2x12

    Friday: Low weight high reps slow twitch
    flat bench MM2K
    Lat pull down 3x12
    single arm row 3x12
    shoulder shrugs 2x8 2x12
    upright row 3x8

    What do you guys think?

  2. Hm If you are going for MM2K why not stick to the program as it is? And follow the standard day rotation and exercises...just saying.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  3. Im only using the MM2k bench part of the program. I have used it before and seen great gains, however I have moved my elbows into 45 degrees and starting over.

  4. Its not only a part of the program that makes it whole , its a whole program that works synergistically together , now If u wanna change it up a bit , why not try 5/3/1 ?
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

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