Short muscles

  1. Short muscles

    Hey I have pretty short chest muscles and have trouble bringing up my upper chest. I do all the necessary exercises I. E. Incline bench incline flyes etc...but im wondering if any of u have any other exercises that could help...thnx in advance

  2. Lay down on a bench with a dumbbell behind your head and do pullovers. I did these as a finishing exercise after all chest work for the day, ROM from behind my head, up to the ceiling, arms not quite 90 degrees to the floor to keep tension on upper chest.
    Can also try pre exhausting your triceps before you begin inclines.
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  3. Pulluovers. make sure your form is correct and are going all the way down to your chest... Lots of ppl in my gym grab the 100's and dont move them 3inches down.

    Crossovers at diffrent angles

  4. A good cable crossover machine at multiple angels is great at filling the chest.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by rebel1130 View Post
    A good cable crossover machine at multiple angels is great at filling the chest.

    and fascia stretching has helped my chest some. I cannot remember where I read it -- I will find the link -- but after your muscle is full of blood, so after your last working sets, you take a much smaller weight, and stretch for 30ish seconds. for example, if you had just finished your chest routine and your chest was all pumped after some cable crosses, you would lie on a bench with some light dumbells, and go into a chest fly. hold at the bottom of the lift, and try to sink deeper each time you exhale, for about 30 seconds. If you are doing it right it should stretch a lot, and be pretty darn tough. I have been doing it for about 3 months now and it seems to have stretched the muscle across my rib cage more creating a fuller looking pectoral.

    just my .02

  6. consider less volume and higher intensity, with more rest and food

  7. found it. cant post direct links yet, but the static hold stretches are outlined in dogcrapp training (I think the best write up is on simplyshredded dot com

  8. Thnk u gentlemen


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