Possible Broken Wrist - Training?

  1. Possible Broken Wrist - Training?

    I'm after some advice, since I've been weight training I have had pains in my right wrist and thumb. It hasn't stopped me lifting but the pain had become worse more recently. Certain exercises will make it hurt.

    I've recently went to the doctors and I'm now waiting for results of an X-Ray. Worst outcome will be to break the incorrect bone, align it correctly and fuse together with some metal. In cast for around 8 weeks.

    Nobody wants time off from the gym just wondered if anyone else could help me out if I could still train, maybe just isolation moves with low weight more reps?

    Any help and advice is greatly appreciated!

  2. Yes, no one wants to take off days from training but safety 1st... Not doing weight training and just sticking to cardio would be good for now to maintain yourself... But if you STILL want to train on the risk of making it worst, light weight training would be your 1st count... It's better to leave and fight another day...

  3. Just duct tape that bitch up and giver hell!!!
    Hahaha. J/k. I had a wrist injury about 3 months ago. I swung 120 lb dumbbells in front of me so I could sit down to start my flat bench and the left weight twisted in my hand because it got caught on my leg... I went and got X-rays and was told that I just strained the tendon bad. I was given anti inflammatories and I took it easy for a couple weeks and it cleared up. It was so bad that my wrist was clicking and I couldn't bend it backwards past parallel.

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