Hey AM bros, I was lurking around bodybuilding.com site for a new routine and found this workout program. Need input on what you guys think about the:

- workout routines, how it's splitted, and the training principle of micro cycle
- nutrition calculator: if it's accurate enough for the calories needed to be consume of that person of certain weight on training/ non training days, and also the grams for (protein, carbs,fats).

Also, with the workout routines I was planning on substituting the cable exercises with resistance bands (with peak resistance weight); to be specific I'm planning to use the TNT bands from lifeline w/ the door attachment mainly because I workout at home and have limited space for all the equipments.

I would really appreciate any input/ feedback regarding this program and my questions; Would like to give this a try following the routines and calorie guide. Thanks in advance.

Here's the link to the ebook workout routines:

Here's the link to the program site with the overview of the nutrition, training, etc. on the middle of the page:
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