pullups/chins/dips/chairs push-ups when i cant go to the gym?

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    pullups/chins/dips/chairs push-ups when i cant go to the gym?

    it is rather rare, but sometimes my gym is closed so i cant do my workouts.

    for example my gym is closed today and tommorow so im missing back/biceps & shoulders workout is it okay to do this routine instead at home:

    1 . superset: pullups / leaning forward dips - 4 sets each
    2 . superset: chins / 3 chairs pushups - 4 sets each

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    doing something is better than nothing...
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    Pullups, chinups, hammer grip pullups, weighted dips, hanging leg raises, sit ups, bird dogs, push ups. You can do all those at home, or just do cardio.
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