strained bicep?

  1. Hey guys just had a total buzz kill at the gym. When I went to hit biceps after back I went for 40s for hammer curls left bicep could have lifted it for ten reps/ 3 sets right couldn't even budg it. In fact it couldn't move any weights except for the 5 couple times.

    Just to give u some background info. My left arm as a whole has been developeing better than my right for a while. It's really getting iratating. Bout 2 weeks back I did my 3 Rep Max on hex back and my right arm didn't hurt after but it def felt off. Today was first time I think since then I specificly hits biceps.

    Anyone out there have similar problems. Is this something to see pt for. Is it strained or do u think there is some nerve problems. Please help my biceps are really the only remarkable body part I got this is just depressing... :/ there is seriously prob an 1.5in difference on my arms right now..,


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