sweatster has a question

  1. sweatster has a question

    I know this should be simple.... I recover fairly quickly soooooo... a body part worked every seventh day or a body part worked every fifth day? I'm going for strength and size...advice please and thank you

  2. I'd say listen to your body. For instance I do chest every 7 days on Monday's but sometimes when I'm still a bit fatigued from the previous week I'll opt to do legs or back and push chest off till 9 days allowing the extra time to heal and that let's me lift heavier and/or more intensely. Diet/rest/sleep all play a roll in recovery so IMO its something you just have to figure out yourself but I'd say every 7 days to start then tune from there. If your body doesn't feel like it wants it give it something else

  3. I hear ya there man... I have such a hard time with the "less is more" concept of gaining size

  4. IMO strength is a skill. so more often would be better. so according to your choices every 5 days is the option to take.

    i still feel you can make size gains on even more frequency, like twice a week. as long as you use 2 types of workouts, a higher volume workout and a lower volume more intense workout.

    some could day 3 times a week would also work, for example the texas method does it and does it well. but lets not complicate things when you seem to think 5 or 7 days are the only options.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  5. I'm sure there are a plethora of training models and routines ... not just 5-7 days in between... that just seems to be the "norm" I would train every day in I thought it would make a positive difference... my 5-7 comes from MY particular preference.... when it comes to nailing one down I'm about as indecisive as they come



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