Routine for intermediate lifter for size??? Help!

  1. Routine for intermediate lifter for size??? Help!

    Im 22 years old and have been lifting seriously for about 3-4 years. I would certainly not consider myself a beginner nor an expert but in between. I have a good grasp on proper form for lifts along with different rest times. I have started with basic exercises and have contantly switched up my routine.

    I have done the typical 6-8 rep ranges with slow negatives, drop sets, burn sets, pyramid sets and a few others. I have also done the 5x5 routine and had good results. Im basically getting tired of alot of these fairly basic routines and would like to try some newer style routines other than the ones above or the push/pull routine.

    I looked into DC training and felt a little overwhelmed but like the idea of it and was looking for something along these lines aimed at size.

    Really looking for suggestions please help me outta this rut!

  2. I'm with ya here. About the same age and experience..need a new routine.

  3. Theres billions of routines out there, and basically it comes down to how your body responds to certain training protocols. But this will come over time! Just remember its not rocket science.

    The problem is when looking for new programs you can get lost in them, you analyze them, you re-analyze, you try one for a week think its not for you then do another one you thought sounded good, Then while your mid week on the 2nd program you tried and you have spare time on your hands you do some research on programs for the hell of it and find something else, where you say hmmm might give that a go on monday next week. and so the vicious cycle continues, 12weeks past and you've been through 5 different programs and achieved nothing.

    Im not saying this is you or anything like that! But just be aware it happens to many looking for a new program!

    This thread may help you out with some ideas - Lots of programs.

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