Adding to Stonglifts?

  1. Adding to Stonglifts?

    I am currently following Stronglifts and enjoying the program and the gains. SL is 3x week with an A/B rotation
    SQUATS 5x5
    SQUATS 5x5
    DEADLIFT 1x5

    My question: This program takes me 45 minutes to finish the warmups and workouts. I'm still buzzing on Craze when I am finished and want to do more lifts. Currently I am adding 5x10 Pullups, 5x20 Dips, 5x5 Curls, 5x5 Cable Rows, a few Bench Presses on B days, and 5x5 Kneeling Squats 1xweek. I know this routine is stupid, so no need to haze me. I am coming here to ask for solid suggestions on what I can do that would be helpful to my goal of gaining Strength all around by adding another 45-60 minutes to my workout.

    No interest in the treadmill, etc. I already do cardio 3x week.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. If your main worry is strength and want more volume in your workouts, why not try wendlers 5/3/1, Instead of trying to add to SS, wendlers program comes with the versatility of adding exercise's and playing with volume. Make sure your getting stronger every month on you 5/3/1 lifts, If you find your stalling or getting weaker on your main lifts then the volume of the accessory lifts needs to be reduced or intensity adjusted ect depending on how you perform them. If you doing SS because your not all the strong yet. Just make your monthly increases on 5/3/1 that of what you monthly SS weight would be at.

  3. if you feel like you need more then you are likely not working hard enough. try upping the weights on your work sets or shortening your rest.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  4. if you want to get stronger more volume wont help much other then just to improve work capacity for intense workouts and to speed up recovery. its an indirect effect. or you could just do extra work on weak parts of a lifts you want to focus on. a good way to tell is do what you suck at the most.

    but i suggest taking a tip from louie simmons, finish your workouts in under an hour. IMO more just slows down the recovery process without adding to strength.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

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