i want big monster traps!....how????

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    i cant stand deads.....I have a bad lower back....so i cant go heavy. how in the hell do deads help with traps?
    1. Raising and pulling together the shoulder blades under load is what the traps do, and the deadlift works this.

    2. If you have lower back issues you should strengthen your lower back, and the deadlift works this.

    3. If you have such a badly damaged lower back that you can't deadlift, you should probably find an alternative to lifting weights to stay in shape, like swimming. It's hard to pick up something heavy without ever using your lower back. Unless you're into this for using light weights to... "tone".

  2. Genetics. Look at scooby, dude a has a amazing all natural build that's he built with over ten years in the lifting game and his traps are just sad...lol

    Deads n shrugs from every angle. That's bout all there is to it. High Rep range of course. 12-25.


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