PH training frequency=volume

  1. PH training frequency=volume

    I'm about to run an EPISTANE cycle for 5 weeks.

    I know that volume can be beneficial when higher while on cycle and that working in a higher rep range like 6-12 is best but how would you guys structure your split?

    I was thinking of working out 4 days a week with 2 days of cardio at 30 mins LISS

    I'd be doing 3 full body workouts with 18 sets per workout M/W/F and on Saturday I'd do a weak point training day of 12 sets altogether.

    I would like to gain some strength also so I'm thinking of doing

    Monday 2 sets per exercise 4-6 reps rest 2 mins
    Wednesday 2 sets per exercise 6-10 reps rest 90 seconds
    Friday 2 sets per exercise 10-12 reps rest 30 seconds
    Saturday(weak point training)
    3 sets per exercise.Reps:4/8/12

    then post cycle switching to a 3 day split and focusing on strength(MAX-OT style reps 4-6)
    Chest+Shoulders+Triceps+Traps( my best bodyparts)
    Flat Barbell Press 2x4-6
    Incline DB Press 2x4-6
    DB Shoulder Press 2x4-6
    CG Bench Press 2x4-6
    Barbell Shrugs 2x4-6

    Pull-ups 3x6-10
    Barbell Rows 3x4-6
    Weighted Hyperextensions(herniated disk so no deadlifts) 3x6-10
    Barbell Curls 3x4-6

    Squats 3x4-6
    SLDL 3x4-6
    Glute Ham Raise 3x as amny as possible
    Leg Press 3x25-35(always work in this range)
    Hack Calf Raises 3x25-35

    Kcal will be upped by 250kcal post cycle.Kcal for the cycle will more than likely be 4500kcal to start with ,increasing each week by 150-250kcal.



  2. your only gonna be running ph, which is only 5 weeks.
    no point doing so much volume, up your intensity and strength gain will come.
    your not running AAS which is usually somewhere between 8 - 12 weeks where splitting into higher volume will definitely be beneficial.

  3. so what bring everything do to how many sets and rep ranges of?

    I'm sure that my post cycle training will be beneficial die to the low volume ,heavy weight.

    Anyways any suggestion as to how to improve the intensity?

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