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  1. Don't add anything to it. Do the program as it is laid out, for a LONG time.

  2. Can I swap back and legs I hate doing WG pull ups after doing chest and tris. For whatever reason it kills my triceps. Or is the WO written up like it is for a reason. Thanks.

  3. I'm having my hours increased like crazy at work at the moment and am thinking I need to swap out to the 3 way split. I've run the 2 way for a good 2.5yrs now and although I don't really want to change it, time constraints are permitting it.

    I figure since I have to do it I might as well use it to bring up some lagging body parts. Ideally I need to hit my chest and back width HARD. What do you guys think is the past way to go about doing this on the 3 way?
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by MB35
    Anybody got any good back width stretches other than the hanging from a pullup bar with a heavy weight? I'm not a huge fan of that stretch and it feels like it hits my forearms trying to grip tight to hold myself there than it actually stretches my back at all. Trying to find some alternatives.
    Honestly, the only things I do for back is holding the dumbbell when doing db pullover and pulling on two dbs that are placed on the rack
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  5. When I take off from dc, I just do a b. Workouts with the chest/squats / tri and then for B workout I do back/deads/bi
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