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rest between sets

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    rest between sets

    2 min between compounds' (excluding DL) sets
    1 min between isolations' sets

    3 min between deadlift sets

    good starting point for bulking (5-8 rep range) ?

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    bulking range is more like 6-12 than 5-8. your rest periods are fine though. you can take up to 90 seconds if needed on isos.
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    Since I've used DC type rest-pause I noticed better strength increases. I since then went on to experiment with 30, 45, 60, 90, and 120. I found that I respond better to shorter rest periods. I will be using 30 sec rest periods moving forward.

    The big problem with short rest periods is that I could hardly do the second set with the same weights let alone do a third set. So I've been pyramiding down with shorter rest periods. I do take full rest after squats, deads, and 60 for rows and pullups.

    I would love to hear more discussion on this topic as well.

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