Different Training Programs

  1. Different Training Programs

    Hi all,

    I'm hoping I get a little more aid in here than BB.

    Looking for different training programs.

    German Volume Training

    All forms, because I'm starting to train after work at 6:30am, then I wake up and hit my wrestling/kick boxing classes.

    Because heavy set's are taking a strain on my body and I don't have a spot at this time, I'm looking for different routines to keep me interested!

    Thanks for all the help

  2. but lifting heavy is soooo good!

    Just get creative. Try new things

    Maybe make a circuit superset

  3. What are your goals? Are you looking to lift to improve your strength for your wrestling. Heavy sets are a must for getting stronger but where it is gonna differ from most BB programs is your split and the types of workouts you do. Dont focus on body part splits rather focus on planes of movement and movement patterns involved in your sport. Focus on compound lifts rather than isolations (unless you have a musclur imbalance than that should be corrected first)
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