Bobo how about a summary?

  1. Bobo how about a summary?

    I know diet is your big thing, but what's your lifting philosophy? Full body, splits, high reps, low reps, what?


  2. $%^$#W%$#W%$#W I hate missing threads!

    MrTrap, I generally like volume training but incorpatorate many types of styles into this. It also is highly dependent on what your goals are.
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  3. Hey bobo, just curious as to what type of exercises you like to do for biceps, I am having trouble finding ones I like.

  4. Due to the serious weather conditions in FLA Bobo may not respond as quickly to your post, but I love doing preacher dumbell curls one arm at a time. Do it really slow and concentrated and squeeze as hard as you can at the top, then turn your wrist out. This puts that extra squeeze to bring out the peak in your biceps.

    I also get a huge pump from doing standing barbell curls with strict form. I only put 10lbs on the bar and go slow on the negatives...WOW talk about the burn!!!

    Any bicep workout can be maxed out by using strict form and slowing down the negatives.

  5. Thanks for the reply...I think I might add the dumbell preacher curls.



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