Critique Friend's Split

  1. Critique Friend's Split

    As far as I know, my friend doesn't use injectable AS but I know for a fact he uses oral AS, as well as prohormones. His training split is as follows:

    Monday: Chest/triceps/forearms

    Tuesday: Back/biceps/calves

    Wednesday: Shoulders/legs

    Thursday: Same as Monday

    Friday: Same as Tuesday

    Saturday: Same as Wednesday

    Sunday: Rest Day

    He says that this split works for him but some people would either consider it to be over-training, or some just may not grow from it. He also said that he's begun working on his abs every day of the week except for Sunday. He will perform 6 reps and then run for 10-20 minutes following his workout.

    I'm still debating as to what split I should follow for my upcoming cycle. Thoughts?

  2. i dont like doing chest after shoulders.....u need ur shoulders and tris heavily on chest day and if u just did them the day before here is no way you are going to get the most out of it. Also, legs are such a large bodypart if u are doing quads and hams in the sae workout that you really dotn need to do anythign else with them , they should take a while and take everything you got....doing anythign else that day will decrease ur intensiy in other exercises for sure.

  3. Look up HST training. You do full body workout 3 times a week, but your volume has to be low or you'll overload the CNS. I do far better on an HST than the conventional once a week 5 day split. ATM I'm doing Bill Starr 5x5 and loving it. After this I'm going to try either Layne Norton's split, or a full HST.

    Layne Norton's workout is:
    Monday Heavy upper (5x5 deads, bench, military, rows)
    Tuesday Heavy lower (5x5 Squats, front squats, romanian dead, stiff dead)
    Wednesday Hypertrophy Chest Arms
    Thursday Hypertrophy Shoulders back
    Friday Hypertrophy Legs

    It seems like the best of all worlds to me. Keep growing your power, activating your fast twitch muscles, then later, using the hypertrophy to deplete all your sarcoplasm and get that lactic acid burn.

  4. ^^^
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  5. i really like that idea...i think i may jsut have to try that!



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