Do you ever try to fix people's form?

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  1. Do you ever try to fix people's form?

    this guy was amazing. He started off at 60s, went to 80s then to 90s then finally 95s. Benched 395(less than half way down) and then finished off with hammer incline pressed 5 plates and then flexed his 14 inch arms in front of the mirror for awhile. He had sex lifting grunts too I REALLY wanted to correct his form but I honestly don't even know where to start

  2. lol general rule of thumb, you should never have to wear wraps to curl!

    First it was funny then it pissed me off : I would have kicked him out of my gym
    if only bc Big Ron is in my avatar

  3. Hahaha.. Getting jiggy with it. At least he's got some rhythm.

    I think people like that are there to show off more than anything, as if anyone gives a crap.

  4. he should try dropping down to the 35's or 40's and do them the correct way. all the body momentum and swinging does nothing and it shows with his "average joe" physique. great job at capturing that 2K1s! yea people really dont like to be told how they "should" do a movement. these are the same people that are like "i cant grow"! and they wonder why...

  5. by the way... i would be soo embarrassed if i was that guy and saw myself up here on AM and everyone was bashin me! maybe thats what he needs...a dose of get right!

  6. Wow. That guys fukcing awesome.........

  7. No i just let them do what ever they want... if they ask me I'll let'em know
    Bench - 355
    Squat - 405
    Deadlift - 600

  8. It should be noted that he had his name tattooed across his shoulder blades

  9. start by putting in your headphones n ignoring him
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  10. Don't correct this guy anyway...its a dead end. It's sad too, because he will hurt his back almost certainly.

  11. I had someone correct my form on deads and the t-bar and I'm thankful they did.

  12. I try every now and then but Im surrounded by people that do dumb stuff so I try to ignore them.

  13. Honestly, I dont correct peoples form. It all depends too but there are so many training variations/techniques that work for some and not for others.

    Now, the guy in the video, it looked like he was actually trying to do a pinwheel curl. Granted he had alot of body swaying goin on..

    Lastly, I will do 'cheat' exercises with, I wont say bad, but not as strict form to stunt new growth and its worked for me; he could've been aiming for a cheat pinwheel curl of some sort.

    Oone more thing, if I see someone who looks fresh in the gym, just starting out and has terrible form, I will correct, but most of the time I dont talk to anyone.

    God Bless fellaz..

  14. Quote Originally Posted by DerickVonD View Post
    I had someone correct my form on deads and the t-bar and I'm thankful they did.
    I always ask someone if I'm not sure what I'm doing.

    Truthfully I wouldn't have posted this video if I wasn't laughing at him/he did one exercise correctly.

  15. Most people I used to correct just say ok and continue with what they were doing.. So, i dont correct anyone.. I just stare at them, until they notice, point, laugh and say something witty to my lifting partner xD..

  16. Next time you do bicep curls try to time it the same time he's there. That's how I learned. If your physique looks like you know what you're doing and he sees you with correct form curling 35's and getting a massive pump then maybe he'll go back to the drawing board and research the correct way to do the exercise. If he doesn't...screw him, he's on his own.

  17. Generally no. If I like the person and they appear to not be a douchebag, I will help them out, and nearly universally they end up being grateful, however, there are a LOT of people at the gym who really ought not be giving advice, as good intentioned as they are, they really don't know much beyond their area of experience. I see this mostly with squat and bench form, where there are some different styles, but also outright dangerous ways to perform the exercise. Many other exercises if you just take control of the weight you'll be okay, not ideal maybe, but not killing yourself/joints/etc. The watermellon smugglers (invisible lat syndrome), etc... let them have their fun.

  18. That's you isn't it? You wanted to see if we were 'mirin your curlz.

    And what's with people always dressed to the 9s in the gym these days? My shirts are black (faded to a dark grey) w/ holes in em. My shorts are all roughed up from dumbbells rubbing. And my shoes are either beat up old Chucks or beat up old New Balances depending on if it's Leg Day.

    /end rant.

    I'll only share thoughts/tips with someone if they actually ask me. I think it's only been three times in about four years.
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  19. WHAT?! why is this video of me on here... wtf thanks jerk :|

  20. Only if they're a client of mine.

    I'm averaging 3 and 4 clients per week now, so while I'm in the gym I'm usually trying to convince them they don't need 200 isolations per day to grow.

    When I finally do get to workout by myself, I have 3 and 4 skinny high school kids with their clothes three times too tight for them coming up to me and asking me how I train. Once I tell them their response is something like 'well I don't think I'd do good with your routine.' And that just pisses me off, since there's no magical routine. It's how hard you consistently train and how you eat.

    If someone approaches me in the gym I'll usually hand them my personal training card and go on about my business.
    Former Marine, UT-BSN, NSCA-CPT, NASM-CPT, CSCS

  21. As a personal trainer, correcting people's form is my job in alot of cases, but is also a great way for me to meet members, instill some of my knowledge, and also pick up clients .. that being said just watching the video we all know what kind of guy we're looking at there and i usually let those schmoes stick with their ****ty ass form and hurt themselves/learn the hard way - most wont listen if you do try to correct them, and I've had several act like theyre listening, take up my time for a detailed description/conversation, then go back to their "95 lb curls" or whatever retarded move theyre trying to pull once i walk away... ughh lol

  22. Usually guys like that guy in the video don't last long at the gym. Either they get their form right or they get hurt or they give up lifting altogether.

  23. I gotta throw this in there..Im in my 'usual' corner and 3 gents show up. They are attemping barbell bent over rows. So, 1 guy rolls in, good form. Next guy gets in, and after 1 rep the other 2 are like nope, do this; guy says 'doesnt feel right', well try this then, guy starts cursing...other guy still criticizing..2 guys not even doing the exercise arguing amongst each other..then proceed to keep criticizing the guy doing the exercise..

    Was funny at first..I really felt like saying, KISS. Keep it Simple Stupid, its a phuckin ROW..ROW IT! Lose your buddies too, they should be in an accounting room crunching numbers, not overanalysing a barbell row. ROFL

  24. No, most peeps get an attitude and I just wanna eat their face like a fruit roll-up!!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  25. Eating that guy wouldn't be worth the extra cals. Not enough protein

    If I have my phone the next time I see this woman who grabs the handles of the cable cross machines and does a ball room dancing routine. Yesterday was just a weird day at the gym. Some guy was repping 275 on bb bench (which was legit) but between sets he was reading a world of warcraft novel. I've never seen that before.


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