I recently went from doing heavy squats as my leg workout to a lighter routine.

For about 3 weeks I've been doing my leg day as follows:

Lunges: 25 lbs on each side x 12 then immediately into 8-10 squats

Lunges 35 lbs on each side x10-12 then immdiatly 8-10 squates

Lunges 45 lbs on each side x8-12, immediately 6-10 squats. Followed by another identical set.

This gets my legs and ass burning like crazy, especially when I bust out the squats (I try to do the squats as fast as possible). I also am getting pretty sore off this workout which is a good sign IMO.

After squats I do dead lifts and really feel those in my glutes too.

I used to just do squats, going pretty heavy (which for me is two 45 plates on each side -- I'm a lightweight).

I'd appreciate any comments on this routine, if it's effective, etc.

My goal is to get shredded up! I'm 165-170lbs, 5'9'', about 9% bf.