I'm a broke college kid looking to build some massive tris and chest, and how else better to do so with some weighted dips.
Problem. No dip belt, and with a decent one ranging 40+ (i wont lie, i'm too cheap to get the $20 one too)
Solution. Poked around my garage, and if anyone (or anyone's parents) is like my dad who keeps everything under-the-sun for the sole reason of "you never know when you might need it" chances are you have everything already.

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I found a chain long enough to wrap around my waist, with enough slack to hang down, clear my junk, and wrap around a DB or plate.
One hand I only had padlocks, but you can use clips or really anything.
Now, we all know someone who has a "barbell tampon" laying around. I jacked my friends. You can use duck tape to tape a towel or something around the chain that will go around your waist. Or for extra [email protected] points go without.
Cost to me? $0.00
If you happen to have NONE of these items
2 padlocks=5.00
no towel? man up.

Incase anyone put off buying a dip belt as long as I have, it works like a charm!