my workout routine ( am i over training ? )

  1. my workout routine ( am i over training ? )

    sorry this is going to be long

    hey guys im steve, ive been lifting for about 3 years now, 1 on the shot put team, but we did alot of running and not actually lifting ( coach was a xc couch the year before, no real experience lifting ), and 1 at the gym, then the 3rd year i got serious. But still just maintenance work outs ( 3 sets of 12 reps on everything ), and eating healthier. All i ended up doing was loosing weight.

    i weighed 260 at the start and my current is 183, but i was down to 173, but that was also with out eating and drinking hardly anything. But since i never lifted to get big, i have a crap ton of loose skin and sag through out my torso, under arms and chest...i look awful, but in the last 2 months of eating and drinking and working out hard i gained 10 lbs ( probably only 1 or 2 lbs of muscle the rest is just weight i should have had already in me )

    the last 2 months, ive started training to gain mass, im on a pyramid routine, on all sets i start with 10 reps, then 8, then 5, building weight as i go. this last week ive started logging all reps and all workouts ive been doing. But the one trainer in the gym says im in there way to long and working out to much ( over training )....but im not sure if shes just saying that so i pay her the money for her to point to a few machines and give me a "routine" to fallow.

    my calorie intake is about 2500-3000 cals a day, depending if i have work that day or not ( not as much time to get food and time to eat )
    i also run everyday, either 20 mins on eliptical, or 45 mins jogging at a park

    heres my routine:
    Monday: chest ( numbers are the weight, not reps ) ( reps are 10,8,5 )
    dumbell press, 45, 50 , 55
    incline dumbell press, 35, 40, 45
    decline dumbell press, 40, 45, 50
    dumbell frlys, 25, 30, 30
    seated press, 80, 90, 100
    cable raises ( to work lower chest ), 40, 40, 50
    cable cross over/downs ( to work upper chest ) 60, 80, 90

    tuesday: shoulders and triceps
    dumbell front raise, 15, 20, 25
    dumbell side raise, 15, 20, 15
    dumbell shrug, 60, 70, 75, 80
    e-z curl bar upright row, 25, 25, 30 ( x's 2 thats just one side of the bar )
    dumbell arnold press, 20,25, 30
    nautical shoulder machine, 50, 80, 100
    dumbell over head tri exstention 25,30,35
    nautical seated tri push downs, 70, 90, 110
    cable straight bar push downs, 80, 110, 140
    skull crushers, 15, 20 ( x's 2 that just one side of the bar )
    y bar push downs + iso and reverse iso right after 80, 100, 120, 130 + 40, 30, 30, 30 ( reps of 10's for the iso's )

    wendsday: back and biceps
    dumbell bent row, 45, 50, 55
    nautical pull down machine 55, 70, 80 ( x's 2 )
    reverse nautical pull down machine ( change grip ) , 45, 55, 70 ( x's 2 )
    seated row machine, 70, 90, 110
    seat pull back machine 45, 70, 90 ( x's 2 )
    cable bar pull downs 60, 80, 100
    hammer curls, 35, 40, 45
    21's, 15, 15 ( x's 2 )
    nautical preacher curl machine, 60, 60, 60
    cable curt straight bar + iso right after, 80, 80, 90 + 40, 30, 30

    thursday: legs
    leg press, 90, 115, 125 ( x's 2 )
    leg spred machine ,90, 100, 120
    leg push together machine, 80, 90, 100
    leg curl down machine, ( can't remember )
    leg push up machine, ( can't remember )
    calf exstentions on leg press machine, 90, 90, 90 ( x's 2 )

    friday: cardo
    eliptical for 40 minutes

    sat and sunday are off days, and i do abs 3 times a week, 2 light days, and 1 heavy day till absolute failure

    how does that sound? please help me out and tell me if what im doing sucks or not, i want to fill in the loose skin and gain size, at first i did, but now im not getting any bigger

    thanks ~ steve

  2. WAO Nelllyyyy
    I used to be a volumn junkie, till I realized it just doesn't do my body good. You need to drop lifts, add weight and intensity, theres no way you can be going hard trough all 5-8 moves on each body part.

    Incline, and flat bench are fine, personally ditch the decline, Its more a front delt workout IMO, people like it so much because they can lift the most weight on it. Add in DIPS with your body net or leaning slightly forward to target your lower chest.

    I dont like doing shoulders and chest back to back simply because your front delts are already taking a beating from your presses, consider changing that up

    Your going to get most of your size and broadness in your shoulders from BB MPs and other pressing movements, I suggest start with those first. Nothing for your rear delts on shoulder day? Your going to create an imbalance, which will prone you to injury

    Back day you got way too much going on, and no deads? Do yourself a favor and add deadlifts. Will help your life big time. People tend to think your back is so big you need to do a ton of different things but I like Dorian Yate's view (who also had probably the best back in the game) I personally do deads, pull ups, close grip pull downs, BB or DB rows, cable rows for stretching it out. thats really it.

    1 word. Squat. Add heavy squats, will add size to your whole body. I dont personally waste my time with all those leg machines. Squat, leg ext and curls, lunges and hacks, all hard and heavy got yourself a pushing leg workout. Consider burning out with long distance lunges.

    Also break up your rest days. I like 2 on 1 off cycle, find what works for you. Since i'm an athlete i like doing cardio more than just one day also. Consider zero gravity cardio like biking and swimming, good workouts and less to no strain on joints.

    Most importantly adapt. Keep a log and see what works and what doesn't. Each his own, and you have to find out what your body likes through a long and painful series of trail and error. But thats the best part.

  3. btw, i'm not a pro, and those are just my opinions, theres a ton of different styles and ways to doing things, I'm not claiming i'm right, just my views.

  4. That is a high volume, but I see your mind set - hit every angle. On paper, your daily calory intake seems a bit low for that much volume. How do you feel the next day or two terms of soreness?

  5. I did a 5 day work routine similar to yours and I lost a good amount of fat but that was because I pretty much guaranteed a calorie deficit daily. I didn't really see a difference in overall size until I went to a three day split doing heavy lifts, most of which are compound. Eat big, lift heavy, rest in between.

  6. not only are you doing too much but too much of useless stuff for a beginner(im assuming you are somewhat a beginner by the weights you posted). i see no bbflats, bbinclines, bbmilitary, deads, or squats. all those laterals and cables arent gonna get you the mass you desire

  7. beginner lifter no, but beginner of trying to move as much as i can...yes
    i uped my calories today, because i started dropping body weight, just recently got on the scale for the first time in a while and now im 181 instead of 183
    and i feel great the next day, like absolutely perfect, normal soreness and everything, nothing feels out of whack.
    and i do, do cardio everyday if ya didn't catch it in the OP, 20 mins monday-thursday on the eliptical, or 45 min jog in a park if my gf wants to go, and 40 mins eliptical on friday.

  8. Kick the cardio, up the cals and hit more of a compound movement to gain your mass. For example, on chest day, 3 sets of each incline, flat and decline bench finished by a fly movement.

  9. take all your exercises and cut em in half...


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