What type of shoes do you all wear?

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  1. Said before that i wore the k-swiss tubes, but I decided to change to the Reebok Reezigs. Like them sofar, tomorrow I squat so we'll see.

  2. Nike Frees for lifting Mazuno (sp) for running distance.
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  3. nike shox
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  4. Wooden sandals for chi flow
    Uggs for sqauting


    Mostly asics

  5. Nike Vandals when I do legs and Nike Classics for every other day.

  6. Risto's for olympic lifts and squats:

    Vibram Classics for everything else:

  7. I do cardio and most all my lifting in New Balance. When I squat or DL, its in my bare feet.


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