P90X and wieght lifting combo

  1. P90X and wieght lifting combo

    whats up everybody
    i'm new to AM i got p90x the other day and just finished day 2 and i got complaints from the neighbors i live in apartments. I started doing p90x to get in shape i'm pretty skinny and i lost all my muscle since i started xray school dont have much time for anything else but i'm eat terrible and not working out so it's time for a change. I notice during my first couple workouts of p90x that i wasn't using as much wieght as i wanted to i'm going to try to bulk more than cut fat since i'm not to fat just out of shape. How would lifting 3 days a week and doing the P90X kenpo and yoga on my off days work.

  2. I see nothin wrong with adding that in there...especially the yoga, a beautiful thing right there! Id recommend getting ur diet in check tho. If you want to bulk while doin all that, ur gonna have to consume quite a bit, clean that is. Dunno if uve done the yoga yet, but lord...it gets u sweating like theres no tomorrow if ur actually tryin to keep up wit em. So ya, get to stuffin that face bud!

  3. awsome man thx

  4. I'm not sure what your equipment situation is, but

    P90X + Weights = CrossFit


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