Bicep symmetry

  1. Bicep symmetry

    I've had this bicep symmetry problem for as long as Ive been training. My right bicep measures at 15.5 in and my left is at 14.75 in. My form feels spot on for both arms and Ive tried incorporating an xtra 2 sets with my left arm only trying to get them even, but it never happends.

    Anyone got any helpful advice?

  2. Dont do extra sets, actually makes the issue worse.

    Great advice i Got that evened em out, is to only do predominatley dumbell bicep excercise and to START with your left arm, so that way if your left arm fails to complete a rep, dont do one with your right. Slowly they will be become about the same size, without overtraining.

  3. Unilateral exercises only, stop when your left says so.

    On Bilateral exercises like barbell, concerntrate on your left, try lift most the weight on your left side.

    If its a problem with form, which most the time it is for certain movements but not so much with biceps, drop the weight and fix it, its usually uneven shoulder posture or leaning to one side, and the only way to tell is with a spotter, this is common on exercises like lat pulldown, the left shoulder will be higher than the other.

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