NEED HELP with the bench

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    Private Joker,
    Work on your technique, shoulder, lat, and tricep strength and you will be able to get that 300lb bench. Just work hard. There are plenty of programs available online or on here that will help you reach your goals.

    Technique..........example.... ...with my forearms angled rather than being perpendicular to floor, I literally benched about 25 lbs more. My buddy always benched with his forearms straight up and when I would try it, I felt so wonder his bench sucked lol.

    No anyway...a lot of benching is technique. I have bigger triceps and pecs than I did when I was benching 300 or more but I could not get that now. I can actually do more with dumbbells now than I could then but that is very different than a legal barbell bench press.

  2. I'm still curious how you are going tp increase your bench 125lbs by not lifting heavy?

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    I'm still curious how you are going tp increase your bench 125lbs by not lifting heavy?
    LOL........yeah me too but I am trying to tell him. 12 reps vs 3 reps heavy is night and day...............3 reps is intense and you have to be focused! It is not screwing around in the gym.....when I used to do a power lifting type routine, I had to be ready! It is not for everyone....that is for sure

  4. in order for you to get an effective workout, you must lift minimum of 60% of 1RM.

    and if ur 1rm is 185 then u need to be repping with 111lbs. minimum!

    just some advice. if i were you i start with 4 sets. the weight should be hard enough for you not to break proper form and reps should be somthing like 10-10-8-7 or close to that. this will lindicate that the muscle are getting proper amount of resistance in order for them to grow.

    getting to 300 is gonna take some time. consistency consistency consistency


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