Hi everyone, been reading stuff on here for a while, really loving it. Definitely motivating to see people dedicated and working hard. This is my first post so here goes:

I have been following the Ultimate Diet 2 verbatim for 3 weeks now. Unfortunately, I have developed a pain in my inner elbow that my doctor thinks is bursitis. It isn't too painful but my doc said to take a few weeks off to let heal/ice/nsaid.

It seems clear to me that this was caused by overtraining. The UD workout split goes against some of what I've read but I decided to give it a shot anyway. I'm curious to see what other people's thoughts are on the UD split. To me it seems insane to do 4 full body workouts a week when only eating 1200 calories and super low carbs. Maybe the legs can handle it but I feel that my arms are just getting blasted and I'm probably losing muscle in them from overtraining. Anyone have any ideas on a different way to work the muscles in the context of the UD2 diet? Maybe just do arms once a week?

For some background on my training, I have lifted weights about 3x/week for about 5 years, though I only knew what I was doing for the last 2. I have also done tons of cross fit and for the past two years have been lifting 3x/week and doing ROTC (I'm in the Navy) workouts 3x/week (basically HIIT) with one rest day. I would consider myself in pretty good shape (I ran the prt 1.5 mile in 8:20, 5rep max squat ~275) yet I still think the UD seems a bit much.