Forearm pain-beginner

  1. Forearm pain-beginner

    18 5'11" 165 15%?? maybe more. Started getting into lifting, got addicted, but not a bad thing in my mind I love it. My question is about my forearm pain. Started with preacher curls only, then followed me to bench and now it lingers 2 days after my arm workout(left out bi's even). The pain is comparable to shin splints but feels a little deeper, almost like it's actually the bone. Overtraining? Most likely not bad technique I'm very careful, I plan to have a long injury free gym career as long as this pain doesn't follow me as my shin splints followed me through drumline. Also I went from drinking a gallon of milk every two days to a very small milk intake, maybe low calcium? But I'm pretty sure that would take longer. Thanks for any advice.

  2. do you use the straight bar for curls?

  3. Ez bar for preacher curls which is where it started.

  4. Next time you do them, check to see if your wrists are straight with your forearm.

    You might also wanna stretch your forearms every day.

  5. It's too the point where it doesn't hurt when I hold something heavy but when I set down even a gallon of milk the pain comes as soon as I let go of the item.



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