Over the last 10 months I have primarily trained crossfit and now I need some variation. For about 8 weeks or so I am returning to the regular pumping. As my body responds well on frequent training, or training muscles/groups 2-3 times a week I think a 2 split system will be beneficial. I have tried to pick functional exercises for the most part, but in some areas of the body isolation movements are more Ideal. My goal by this program is to achieve a versatile physique in regards of strength.

Well here it goes:
Endurance days (E): 20 sec. pause, between 15-20 reps
Hypertrophy days (H): 60 sec. pause, between 10-15 reps
Semi-strength days (S): 90-120 sec pause, between 5-8 reps

Day 1 (Endurance)
squat jumps
Dumbell press
Arnold Dumbell press
Side laterals

Day 2 (E)
Romanian Deadlift
Incline Bench Pull
Incline DB curl

Day 3 (Hyper..)
Same exercises as day 1

Day 4 (H)
Same exercises as day 2

Day 5 (Semi-str..)
Same exercises as day 1

Day 6 (S)
Same exercises as day 2

In the following weeks I will mix it all up iot. prevent stagnation.

If you have any remarks I am open for suggestions..