here we go once again!!!

  1. here we go once again!!!

    hey guys. starting tomorrow, May 5th, i will begin a very clean bulk but also cut fat. i have my diet down, but as far as training i was thinking between 8 to 10 reps but what kind of splits do u guys recommend? i dont like full body splits, never have worked for me. i always lose arm muscle size. anyways, if there is any info u can input on here, it is greatly appreciated. i just bought a jump rope so ima be doing that for a few min every day. i will be taking creatine mono also

  2. What are your stats and goals? You going for just mass gains, strength, or both?

  3. i am 5'9" 180. bench 305. im not looking for strength at all. i could care less lol im going for the body builder look without steroids. my abs are visible, but not very much. i used to have an 8 pack, now its barely a 4 pack. so i wanna cut my fat overall and add muscle to be around 185 ripped.

  4. You want to add muscle but aren't looking for strength at all??

  5. i know strength will come, but im not worried about that. im in college and i dont play sports anymore so im just going for look. if i was in sports or power lifting or something i would care for strength but im not. just wanna be a natural body builder

  6. my biggest suggestion especially if you want to be natty is to pick either the bulk or the cut and do it 100%. TRying to add muscle mass while losing bodyfat can be done, however it is not easy and relies a lot on genetics. My suggestion is either do a bulk, maintenance then cut or the reverse of that. It will just take a lot longer to achieve what you want if you try to do both at the same time.

    If you think about just physically what you are trying to achieve its really hard to come up with how to do that. Cause basicly u want to gain muscle (gain weight) and at the same time lose fat (lose weight) its hard to gain and lose weight at the same time. Now assuming u are in good shape, which it does sound like u are, that makes it increasingly harder to do both of those, if you where sedentary and never trained much before it would be relatively easy but since u have its going to be a lot harder to achieve both of these at the same time... So again im going to recomend either sticking with a bulk or sticking with a cut.

    And if you do the cut try to shoot for about a 1.5 lb loss a week, that will ensure u keep almost all ur muscle and lose the bf, cause losing weight at a rapid pace will cause some muscle loss and thats something u want to avoid.

    Other than that goodluck and i wish u the best.

  7. thanks. i know how to do it diet wise and cardio wise cause ive done it before..jw what workout routine i should do. i usually do a super clean bulk diet and jump roping as cardio. that cuts fat and adds muscle

  8. if you want to do something like that i would suggest something like starting strength or the DC program, the last thing u wanna do is something GVT orientated cause ur going to be on a pretty strict diet and the volume may be too much.

    Other than that just do the periodization and new muscle stimulation and keep changing reps up once gains get stale.


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