The encyclopedia of Muscle and strength

  1. The encyclopedia of Muscle and strength

    Has anybody used/using this book. It is written by Jim Stoppani of M&F. Just wondering if it is worth the purchase.

  2. Books like that can be great reads (especially for toilet time) but honestly you can find everything you'd ever need to know on the internet if you just look for it.

    I'm not saying don't buy it though... Try going to Google, typing the name of that book and then "reviews." Google is an awesome tool!

  3. the encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding is by ARNOLD is by far the best and a must buy IMO

  4. Quote Originally Posted by deadlift18 View Post
    the encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding is by ARNOLD is by far the best and a must buy IMO
    I have that book. It has some good advice but you have to know what to pick out of it and what not to. The good stuff is great, but you have to pick it out. A lot of his advice is given almost as if he were talking to a copy of himself. So yeah, if you have great muscle-building genetics and are on gear you could follow his advice and routines to the letter. Also, the sections covering dieting aren't very detailed. That's where that book gets iffy. I'm not saying it's not a good read (I bought it a couple years ago) but I wouldn't consider it a must buy.

    As far as Arnold's book goes, if you already have a decent amount of experience, go for it, because you would better know how to pick out the info you could actually use. This book is a trap for beginners though because they'd be likely to try and follow his advice and routines to the letter which would absolutely lead to overtraining and lack of progress. I mean, even in the beginner program he's calling for very high volume and high frequency (6 days per week, jeez).

    It's a great book for toilet time, by the way. lol

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