Solid routine for B.A.B = Bad a** Bicpes.. lol

  1. Solid routine for B.A.B = Bad a** Bicpes.. lol

    What are your guys routines for biceps? trying to mix things up with my biceps workouts and any recommendations and imput would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks in advance!!!

  2. If your arms have been stuck at a certain size for a while, most likely you'll have to increase your overall mass before your arms start getting larger. So if you want your arms to get bigger, concentrate on putting on overall mass.

    Best exercises for building mass in the biceps:
    Heavy Back Work (Rows, Pull-ups, Deadlifts, try underhand BB rows)
    Bar Curls (because using two arms you use more weight while doing curls)

    Good biceps-specific exercises:
    Incline DB Curls
    Seated or Standing DB Curls
    Reverse Bar Curls
    Lying Curls
    Preacher Curls and Concentration Curls occasionally, no need for cable curls
    ** With DB curling movements, start with your palms facing each other and as you curl the weight up (while keeping your elbows still), rotate the wrists so at the top of the movement your palms are facing you. The biceps helps curl the arm and supinate the wrists.

    Watch how much volume you're using. Too much can be counterproductive and when it comes to arms-specific training, less is almost always more. Per week I do no more than 4 total sets for biceps and 4 total sets for triceps, divided between 4 workouts and that's at the MOST. Most of my arm work comes from pressing movements and back work; I like doing some arms-specific work to work the muscles through their full range of motion. If you're used to doing a lot of arm work, try cutting down and see if your results are the same if not better.

    If your biceps are lagging a lot, with the few sets you do for them, make them heavy and intense. Barbell curls are great for building mass because they allow you to use the most weight (in terms of curling exercises). Chins are good as well. Honestly, if my goal was simply to bulk my arms up as much as possible, I'd stick mainly with the lifts that allowed me to use the most weight.

    But like I said, at some point you'll have to start thinking about putting on more overall mass if you want your arms to get a lot bigger.

    If your goal is to simply have good looking arms that appear big, just get them in proportion with the rest of your body and bring out the best shape you can. For example, I may be standing next to someone who has physically bigger arms than me, but if mine are in better proportion to my body and are more defined, people will notice my arms first. Does that make sense? I'm not trying to sound smug or anything, but that's how it goes really. My arms are okay sized for my frame but they're not necessarily massive, BUT people will complement me on them because they stand out due to them being proportionately big. That's my opinion anyway...

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