2-Day Split

  1. 2-Day Split

    So I have been doing a 5 day split for over 2 months now and it is time to switch. I really dont want to leave the 8-12 rep range, so I decided to go to a full body work out routine. Well I tried that and I cant commit that amount of time in one day, so I decided to go with a 2- day split. It is bacically upper and lower. I can't seem to make it feel right.
    I like to do one exercise for each ofthe following:
    Lower Back

    I have been doing a 2 on 1 off protocal. I especially struggle with finding a good placement for lower back.

    Therefore, Any advise on this 2 day split? What will make it most effective? Thanx in advance for help.

  2. well 2 on 1 off would be considered a 4 day split just by the way. but an effective split would be:

    monday: upper body, mostly push
    tuesday:lower body, lower back
    wednesday: off
    thursday: upper body, mostly pull
    friday:lower body, lower back

    you can add cardio and abs in if you want on off days, and a couple lower back exercises for you would be a romanian deadlift or back extension. hope this helped.

  3. Thanx. Wouldnt that basically be
    Seem to be quite simiar to my 5 days Split.
    Idk yall r the gurus, i just want a mass building program that is new to my body.
    Btw i know how to work my lower back, i just struggle to find a good time for it. I dont want it interfering with my back or legs workout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ianm4208 View Post
    I especially struggle with finding a good placement for lower back.
    Hyperextensions FTW

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