Ripped straps, any good ones?

  1. Ripped straps, any good ones?

    tuesday night i was doing back like usual and was working my way up to my working set. i was busting out a few reps with 675 for rack pulls and my strap ripped right off. it wasnt heavy and i could have kept going but the strap gave out. then i put on my buddies and his ripped too.

    bottom line, are there any good straps out there that can withold more than 700 lbs? if so let me know cause im not ripping another pair. my friend gets his custom made, is that the route im going to have to go?

  2. For 700 lb rack pulls I would say you might need to look into some custom made straps. That is a lot of weight. Most straps are made for your conventional weightlifter with 300-400 lb deadlifts and do not do well with more than 500lbs.
    Former Marine, UT-BSN, NSCA-CPT, NASM-CPT, CSCS

  3. damn, alright thanks man.

  4. Check out APT's wrist straps, they make some seriously heavy duty straps that are not going to rip. I have seen my old training partner go up to 700lbs on deadlifts before wearing them and he had no issues. You'll find at first that they need a bit of breaking in but once you get them loosened up a bit they will be pretty comfortable to wear as well.

  5. thanks man, im going to look into that

  6. does everyone use straps for rack pulls? because idk if i should or not.

  7. i do and i suggest it. the exercise isnt for your grip strength of forearms so work the muscle it supposed to work and strap up. i can go to 495 before i have to put on straps but i can go all the way up to 700+ with them and get more out of it.

  8. There's a lot of arguments on whether you should use straps or not. Some people believe grip strength is part of the movement and is needed and then there are others that believe grip strength is not important.

    To me, you should use straps unless you're a competitive powerlifter. Why? It's safer for one. Elbow tendonitis comes from that mixed grip, particularly the supinated grip used on the sometimes weaker hand. Another reason is because there's just no way I'm going to hold my back, glutes, quads, and hamstrings back because of a weak grip.

    Then they say "it eliminates functional use". This again doesn't make sense because yes, you might deadlift 600 lbs loaded barbells. But in the real world, if something is 600 lbs and you have to pick it up the biggest chance is it will not be thin enough to grip anyway, so you'd have to move it a different way.

    Just my .02. I am for straps or hooks.
    Former Marine, UT-BSN, NSCA-CPT, NASM-CPT, CSCS

  9. I know elitefts has a lot of heavy duty stuff last I checked, didn't look into straps though.

  10. i do deadlifts for powerlifting so i guess i shouldnt use straps.. I use to till i wanted to compete so i stopped. but i have pulled 485 a bit below the knees with straps and they did fine they were the 5 dollar cheap straps..but elitefts makes good stuff try them

  11. That much weight on straps sound really risky. You're essentially hanging the weight from your joints. Try these things: Big Back Grips I found them at Muscle Beach last summer. I can't post links yet. Just Google: Big Back Grips

  12. i found a whole bunch that claim to hold up to 1000+ but i cant order online so ive been using ****ty ones again for the time being. theyve held up but for ow long who knows

  13. I've gone up to 650 with plain old Harbinger black nylon straps. A LOT has to do with the age of the straps, and how they are cared for. If you get them soaked in sweat, and just throw them in your gym bag, they degrade quickly. I have broken several sets of well "loved" straps...but never a new pair. They always have a hundred or more sets on them before they give out.

  14. see im not a fan of nylon straps. I sweat like a pig and the nylon just slides. my straps were old but not more than 4-5 months. Im a fan of leather straps.


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