Bench Press Injury...

  1. Bench Press Injury...

    Last night I was bench pressing pretty heavily for me and during the third rep as the bar approached my chest, my collar bone popped very loud where it attaches to the sternum. I was able to complete the lift and rack the weight, but it ended my workout and is very sore, even to the touch in the area where it popped. It felt as if it were similar to when you pull on your finger and it pops as it pulls out of the socket and then returns. I still have full range of motion although it's not fun to move it much.

    I'm currently 10 days into an Epi-Tren cycle and don't know if I should discontinue the cycle to heal up, or just keep on cycle and work what I can around the soreness and hope it heals up fast. Anyone else ever experienced anything like this and have any insite as to what to do about it?? I'm still good to go on lower body and probably several upper body exercises if I'm careful. Seems like everytime I start making progress something sets me back....very discouraging.


  2. I would see a doctor, preferably a sports minded one.

  3. stay on and keep training. but like the guy above me said, see a doctor thats sports minded.

  4. Hey man don't let it get you down. This happened to me a few years back and mine still pops. I let it down too fast and it hit my chest kinda hard and had the exact same pain you're describing. I didn't see a doctor but I should have so I agree with the previous posts on that.

    For me I rested it for awhile but mostly because I broke my hand and couldn't really bench for a bit. But if it helps I started lifting in mid November and could bench 185 3 times. By mid January I maxed at 305 with no supp help other than NoVapor or something similar. Ha ha I know that's not much for others but for me it was a big boost. I guess where I'm going is don't get discouraged. Don't re-injure yourself but do what you can and it'll heal quicker than you think.

  5. Gonna take your advice and go see the doctor in the morning. Just so happens he is a sports doctor that takes care of the high school football guys in town, so he should at least know what to look for. In the mean time, I guess my legs will just have to suffer some serious workouts while the rest of me heals up!




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