redoing my gym ipod...

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  1. [quote=kimmy gibler;2306396]
    Quote Originally Posted by svtfocusman View Post

    It gets me goin in the gym. The youtube links make it easy to hear the song so you don't have to search for it.
    Maybe on the mill but hittin the weights = ...... All of the links you have up makes the page slow as crap, I subbed to the page to see some ideas for some new songs myself but your makin it a pain with slowing it down . You should try making it a clickable link to keep the page from going so slow .


  2. Hatebreed- To the threshold
    Hatebreed- Become the fuse
    Mushroomhead- 12 hundred
    Mushroomhead- 43
    Mushroomhead- Never let it go
    Mudvayne- Dig
    Mudvayne- Not falling
    Throwdown- We will rise
    Chimaria- Pure hatred
    Emmure- Chicagos finest

  3. hatebreed, kingdom of sorrow, slayer, lamb of god

  4. I mainly listen to "all that remains" and "breaking benjamin"... theres a few others, but those get me really pumped

  5. I love slipknot. But also listen to Barry Manilow. go figure

  6. may be too late but Seether - Rise above this never fails to get me jacked to hit the gym.

  7. subbed to look over later
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  8. Just play the entire "Rise of Brutality" album by Hatebreed & you'll be good to go - GUARANTEED!

  9. I just got the new Five Finger Death Punch album 'War is the Answer' - awesome to get the aggression flowing on the way to the gym!

  10. -D12: fight music, dewvil's night, american psycho, revelation
    -Eminem: the re-up, you don't know, remember me?
    -Skinny Puppy: pro-test, vx gas attack, dogsh**
    -Static-X: the only, lunatic
    -Bullet for My Valentine: waking the demon, no control, 4 words, hand of blood, scream aim fire
    -Andy Hunter: wonders of you
    -Rob Zombie: superbeast, dragula, war zone, never gonna stop
    -LL Cool J: queens is, niggy nuts
    -The Prunes: rockin the mic
    -Limp Bizkit: break stuff
    -Teriyaki Boyz: tokyo drift (it's like my theme song lol)
    -After Forever: discord
    -Ramallah: days of revenge
    -Project 86: necktie remedy, all of me, doomsday stomp; sincerely, Ichobod; the hand, the furnace, the straight face
    -Xzhibit- my name, losin' your mind

    i have ltos more too!!!! this is just off the top of my head lol

  11. Check out pursuit of Vikings if you like death metal

  12. Quote Originally Posted by sw bill View Post
    Check out pursuit of Vikings if you like death metal
    Yeah thats a good one too

  13. [quote=svtfocusman;2306274]
    Quote Originally Posted by kimmy gibler View Post
    Amazing song!/quote]

    Hes asking for pump up songs not some gay rap song. Also would be nice to stop flooding with the youtube links as it's a pain in the ass to load the page.

  14. i have different playlist that i save then chnge up on my ipod every other day. listening to the same thing a whole week doesnt get me motivated.

    hardcore list- nirvana,manson,slipnot,alice and chain.......

    80s metal- ratt,rush,dokken,anthrax,van halen.......

    80s new wave/punk- blondie,cars,clash,devo,smiths ,siouxsie,b. idol,sex pistols.......

  15. sorry posting another gay ass rap song..

  16. not being a hardcore metal fan i usually go for some;
    powerman 5000
    iron maiden
    judas priest
    ronnie james dio
    divide the day
    drowning pool

  17. britney spears

  18. if britney spears does it for ya, then try jessica simpson or pink haha


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