new to the forum saying hello:)

  1. new to the forum saying hello:)

    as title say new to the forum, though i make a post and say hi all

    been reading a few articles from am before and desided i wanted to be a member of the forum as well

    im 27 years old, background in training is martial arts from 94-2001.
    weightlifting a few years back in 2000. then whent on a long break from all sports in about 03 so 6 years off... , but since august 09 i`ve been back for full
    was pretty bad shape when i started up again and weak as h..

    current program i use is:

    hole body type program one excersise pr body part only base excersises except wed..

    mon: high rep day 15 reps pr sett
    wed: isolation excersises 8-10 reps pr sett
    fri: strenght day low reps 3-5 reps pr sett

    supplements i use is:
    animal pak
    green magnitude
    black powder
    omega 3-6-9
    caseiene protein

    i eat 4 meals a day minimum.

    current weight is 80kg target weight is 85kg..
    bf% is pretty low havent tested it since i began.

    im starting to get in pretty desent shape again already and the strenght is commming back fast, i was about 72kg at start and now 80 with less bf%)

    anyways hope for many good discussions in here and chat later

    any questions fire away guys

  2. ohh and admin if the post is in wrong part of forum please move

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