Motivation after injury resulting in taking break...

  1. Motivation after injury resulting in taking break...

    So I tore my minscsis (spelling) in my right knee about 3 months ago. Dr. said take it easy for 6 weeks. Well 6 weeks turned into 3 months of stress, disapointment, and sadness that I allowed myself to ruin what I worked so hard for. No matter how much I want to get back in there I'm having a diffucult time feeling the drive.

    My diet sucks, but in my history of training I eat better when I'm working out and worst when I'm not. The problem is I typically need to get back to training in order to improve my diet. Stress eating... Is there something that could help me with my appetite as well as something that may help with my energy level and give me some drive to want to go. I've taken ephedra based products and had some good success, but I am wondering if there is a good stack that might help jump start me. Maybe something to help with recovery (probably just creatine, but I'm interested in much of anything new or old I've already done).

  2. you need to head back into the gym. i tore mine, and tore my ACL at the same time - note both were torn not severed, since we misuse english sometimes. i dropped maybe 10-12 pounds, and lost 100 pounds off my squats when i finally hit the gym back. yeah it sucks, but here's the thing. if i didn't hit the gym up, i would have lost more mass, more squat poundage, and be an overall mess. don't let that happen to you man - you'll get all the strength back in a few months, unless you want to turn into a butterball.....

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