WHAT are your GOALS this WINTER?

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  1. WHAT are your GOALS this WINTER?

    Mine is to build up my upper back and legs...aka the lagging parts.

    And of course, pack on some mass.

    Deadlifts will be the main course.

    What are your goals this winter, as far as weak points, or in general?

  2. I am just gonna try to bulk up as much as I can before March. Then Im gonna start my cut for summer. Legs and Back will be the focal points.

  3. I'm going to do p90x for the third time. Girlfriends pregnant, working all the time, and it is really convenient to workout at home in the mornings before work. I love it. (I am REALLY throwing around the idea of adding in a 4 week epi cycle to it, depending on if I can aquire a few things first. Not sure though. Money is tough.)

  4. Medial delts and mid-back
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. I hope to build 20 solid pounds and add 1 to my biceps. If I can work in a little more cardio I will be happy as well

  6. power up my legs. while staying cut

  7. arms like Phil Health....

  8. Get my squat back up to 400 for multiple reps and front squat back to 300+. Get my arms to 20".
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  9. Continue to drop weight until i can see my abbs for the first time. Not far off. 45lbs gone so far.

    Prepare for London to Paris bike ride...

  10. be the army recruit of the year and run 3 mile under 19 mins with a body weight of 205 while benching 360 and power cleaning 350

  11. 600 lb deadlift in competition, nuff said.

  12. to stay warm!....lol to go from 135 to about 155, i've started a little early and i'm about 141lbs right now

  13. My goals are to
    max on flat bench and curl 7 days a week

    and get a monsterous chest and biceps. With no triceps.

    and i wont squat or DL cuz they hurt my back and i will take alot of cycles even tho im not of age because i think i know everything

  14. I want to gain muscle and cut so am thinking drop 4 lbs (fat) then gain 4 lbs (muscle) and repeat until I get where I want to.

    I also want to experiment with higher volume workouts with more varying intensity, only half the sets to failure maybe. At the moment (and ever since I started 6 years ago), I only do about 4-7 sets per bodypart per week, all full intensity. Its got me results, but maybe I'll get more trying other things.

  15. My goals consist of the following:

    Get bench up to 330

    Add at least a half inch to my chest and arms

    Work on my abs

    Cut for summer

  16. 225 6%

    good goals aussie made! Tremendous progress so far.

  17. 2000@242

  18. DL 700 (now at 650)
    Bench back up to 405 (now at 385...past PR of 435)
    Keep body weight below 200 (previous bench PR was at 235 bodyweight)

  19. Quote Originally Posted by drivehard View Post
    DL 700 (now at 650)
    Bench back up to 405 (now at 385...past PR of 435)
    Keep body weight below 200 (previous bench PR was at 235 bodyweight)
    I don't know if you compete, but if you don't at least go do that pull in a meet. 700@198 is an excellent lift.
  20. Talking

    Quote Originally Posted by jcp2 View Post
    I don't know if you compete, but if you don't at least go do that pull in a meet. 700@198 is an excellent lift.
    I used to compete in bench about 10 years ago...have not in a long time for powerlifting though. I have done a few strong man competitions the last two years...cleaned up on DL's for reps 29 reps in 60 seconds at 480lbs was in the under 230 pound class.

    I was thinking about getting into a push/pull meet. Maybe early next spring. Having wrist problems right now that is hampering my bench...can't put any pressing force into it without pain. Maybe when this heals up I'll consider it more.

    Thanks for the props though!!! I hope I can hit the 700 lb mark before June!

  21. Improve overall muscularity and strength so I can go down to the local retirement homes and work it for the old ladies. I know what they like...

  22. Hope to get up to 300 on flat bench, 400 DL and just keep making progress with deep squats. Would like to get up to 180 lbs by the spring too.
    3rd month on supercissus Rx and my shoulder is feeling great.

  23. get to 180 same bf% and bench 250lbX3

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Muscledad View Post
    I am just gonna try to bulk up as much as I can before March. Then Im gonna start my cut for summer. Legs and Back will be the focal points.
    This...relatively lean bulk until about March - but for me, a little extra attention on Lats and Triceps.

  25. Get to 220 with minimal bf increase...I'm at roughly 208-210 now.
    Then cut.
    Get a real job after school

  26. calves r lacking but get to 175@159now
    get the bench to 280/290 @ 250 now
    dl 400*3 at 365
    set my goals close so i can hit them and move them farther awy

  27. Hmmmmm................ To stay between 140-150 for 6 months, train kettle bells 3-4 times a week,( from 2 times a week I do it now)................. run the boston marathon in April

    RIP Ryan, :(

  28. My goal is to win my Pro Card in November...from there, I want to rebound to a nice 200+ pound bodybuilder who is lean year-round.

    THAT'S my goal...and there is no stopping me.

  29. gain 10-20 pounds and get that desired 6 pack. And dunk a basketball, almost there... 30 inch vert or somethin like that, i forget

  30. oh, and get an olympic bar so i dont break my stupid 1inch bar for deadlifts

  31. Get my bench back to 275 squat the same... Lose 10 lbs of fat, and hopefully maintain my existing muscle...

  32. Take advantage of the cool weather and lean out by mountain biking and doing sprints outside. ( I live in florida) I'd love to get to 200lbs. Take me to around 10-11% bf.
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  33. i hope i gain about 5-20 pounds of muscle this winter. Ill defiantly be heading for the weight room. im also hoping to not gain any body fat over the holidays. its hard not to sometimes.

  34. yeah i'm always lean bulking, probably doing less biking cause of the cold weather so maybe ill gain, a few pounds i would be estatic if i gain 6-10lbs of muscle, definetly wanna bring up my chest and do a lot more clean and jerks, basically get stronger on all olympic lifts and weighted pullups, also take some kind of martial arts class

  35. BULK,BULK,BULK,i want to gain at least another 20lbs over the winter.

  36. Gain 20lbs of raw muscle. Currently at 183
    Then shred it down to 195 just before getting ready to redeploy from Iraq.
    Bench 300+ by April

  37. I've tried all sorts of routines in the 10 years or so I've been lifting; body building, power lifting and all sorts in between, except one. Olympic weightlifting. Now that I've finished dieting a bit, I'm focusing on learning the proper techniques of weightlifting. So far I'm having an absolute blast!

  38. BULK UP 20-25LBS LEAN MASS BABY!!!! Can't wait to get this bulk going to win another comp next year! Yessir! Hope that everyone hits their goals

  39. Drop down to 190(210 right now probably less to be honest) but I am talking end of winter so then I can do a cycle and lean bulk with minimal fat gain.

  40. My goal is to FIIIINALLY get over my fear of fat and find ways to work my legs with my injuries.

    If I can't find ways to do my legs then I want to hit 225-230. If I can then I expect 240. Really want to hit the 3.5 lb an inch mark but that won't be this year without a miracle


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