Well I just wanna worn you guys this my first thread on this site, so be easy on my with the lingo and terms please. I'll start of by giving you a brief make up of myself, goals and routine. I'm 23 5'7" sand about 205, I was an athlete my whole life and a weight trainer, unfortunately a women got me out of routine ( young love) and I have spent the last year tring to get it back. I go to the gym five days a week I break it up in set workout mon-thur chest, tri, abs, cardio tue-fri back, bi, cardio, abs an wed legs and shoulders cardio abs, I do about five exercises per group. Currently I am just taking muscle milk no other supplements, now I wanna get cut up and hard and back down to my size, and I eat rather well for the most part what would guys recommend for the supplement aide or any ideas.