Pick my tricep workout for tonight

  1. Pick my tricep workout for tonight

    I'm bored and in the mood to try something new with my triceps...

    So go ahead.. best one I see before I leave for the gym in 53 minutes will be what I go with.

  2. close grip bench on a decline. takes the front delts out of it completely.

  3. awww too late. Ah well, for next time.

    All sets 10-15 reps

    2 sets of reverse grip one handed cable puuldowns
    2 sets of std, cable tri extensions

    Then,... 4 sets of flared elbows tri extensions (mocks close grip bench, go heavy as hell and lean into the cable with it beside either side of your neck.)

    2 sets of over head DB extensions to failure
    2 sets of DB kickbacks to failure

    2 sets of Dips depending on if you can handle more volume,...


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