is this possible healing injury during a lift?

  1. is this possible healing injury during a lift?

    ok so first of all i HATE pec dec well 2 weeks or 3 weeks ago i did pec deck. and let my left arm extend to far back. my shoulder kinda twisted and it felt like a pinch type feeling between the front delt and middle delt. I did my normal routine and it hurt doing shoulder press bench press felt like the right side would go up and left would have to have a extra jerk near the end to lock it out..

    well today i did biceps.triceps and shoulders.

    Shoulder Press
    8,6,4,2 and when i got to 4 rep and 2 rep the weight wasnt heavy just the left side felt like it was taking a while to get up and had to have the extra jerk to get it up.

    same with arnold press.

    then i did front dumbell swings and these felt real good to the point where my shoulder kind of felt better. and then i did upright rows and after that the sharp pinch feeling was going and it feel more of a "soreness" now.

    do you guys think that its sore cuz i worked the muscle and the sharp pain will be back tommorow. or was something out of place that i popped back only thing i feel right now is excessive soreness in the left front delt.

  2. If you felt a pinch and it hurt, you shouldn't continue training with it. it's sore because you injured your shoulder. Then after doing more with sets of 2 that you have to "have an extra jerk to get it up" didn't help. That's kind of stupid IMO even if you aren't hurt, but that's another topic. The best thing to do is rest it up, go see a doc or PT, and let it get better. IT WILL NOT GET BETTER ON IT'S OWN AND LIFTING MORE WEIGHT WILL RESULT IN MORE PERMANENT DAMAGE! There was a guy in another recent post that tweeked his shoulder doing bench press and went to the doc. Torn rotator, has surgery scheduled in 3 weeks. If you do any thing that aggravates it at all, it will not help it, just make it worse. I did the same thing years ago, and it bothered me for years before it healed enough train hard again.

    Go see a sports doc, not just a GP. When I did mine, I went to a GP b/c mine wasn't in, and the fat lazy doc took an xray and said "nothing is broke. maybe you should just not workout so hard. Have a nice day." No med, no referral, no jack squat. And I didn't see a sports doc after like I should have, so it took along time to heal. It's still much tighter and has less ROM than my right BTW, so it's a good idea to get it checked and rehabbed properly.

    Sorry for the rant, but has any else noticed the number of "i just got hurt, is this serious?" threads going lately?

  3. well im young still live with my parents etc. and i cant just go run to the doctor over anything. its a little tightness in the left shoulder. right now it feels sore. and kind of like a burning sore. the only thing i can think of is going to dumbell bench. and keeep the light shoulder press. because i think its healing on its own.

  4. Think what you want, it will just get worse if you keep aggravating it. If your parents have insurance that you are covered on, then you should be ok. Even light exercises that feel like it gets tweeked just a little, isn't doing anything to help you out. If you don't check your form and executuin on any of the exercises you can mess up before you know what happened. I know, you are young and invincible, just like all of us here have been at one point in time. But you were concerned or curious enough to ask about it, so use your head. Just because you are young now means if you keep aggravating it, it will just hurt and bother you for a longer part of your life. If you leave it alone and get it better correctly, then you will bounce back sooner.

    Take it or leave it, I'm out.

  5. its not hurting alot man at all.. might not feel as fresh because i went back to a bb style split... but it feels fine.



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