Ouch... Think I tore a muscle.

  1. Thumbs down Ouch... Think I tore a muscle.

    I was really going at it at the gym a few days ago and was lifting much more then I had in the past... Anyway, I think I pushed myself a little too hard as my left arm starting aching pretty bad around my biceps, as soon as I got home from the gym I put a bag of peas on it and later on added some Tiger Balm. The next day when I woke up I had a huge mark on my arm that looks just like a hickey, I did a quick search and I think I tore my muscle.

    Anyway... Any advice to help speed up the recovery? I'm still lifting but am trying to take it a bit easier, any advice is appreciated though.


  2. Here is a pic...
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  3. Go to the Dr. as soon as possible for treatment. I avoided the Dr. for the first 3 or so weeks of my hip injury. It didn't magically get better in that time. I went to the Dr. afterward, had a series of 6 injections over the following 5 weeks, some strong anti-inflammatory meds and muscle relaxers... and all is now well (for the most part).

    This was only the second torn muscle I've had in my life (tore my hamstring in TKD when I was like 13), and unfortunately, it took twice as long for this to heal (then again, I'm over twice as old now too).

    Best of luck with recovery!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by tribaltek View Post
    Go to the Dr. as soon as possible for treatment.
    Yeah? I didn't think it was extreme enough to merit a run to the Doc's but as luck would have it, I'm scheduled to go in for a checkup on Wednesday so timing is perfect there.

    Thanks for the help!

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